Why we are not Romanians?

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I often travel abroad the Republic of Moldova and my friends ask who the Moldavians? I am proud that I Moldovans I gozhus that my ancestors one of the oldest nations in Europe .We Moldovan citizens are proud that we are Moldovans.

1. Our ancestors were a people, which had lived at the same area during 8 thousand years (since the kukuten-Tripolye`s culture started to being). This area was named as Karpathos-Danube-Dniester territory. It had been changed all the time, sometimes the territory became smaller because of hard time in life of our ancestors. They lived in forests and mountains in cases of danger. In time of safe life possibility people came back to the initial territories. Plenty of researches proved dwelling continuity in our ancestor’s historical territory. Among researches were historical, anthropological, genetic and linguistic.

2. These people were the founder of many ancient civilizations – from Middle Eastern to the majority of European, including Greek and Roman great cultures.



Nicolae Pascaru

Nicolae Pascaru

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