BLOCKCHAIN: The Legal Side (p. 1)

1. What is Blockchain? The simplest way to explain blockchain is that it is a decentralized technology for recording information including transactions, property rights, identities, money balances, etc.[1]Particularly, blockchain is a huge list of records containing information known as “blocks”, which are linked to each other by a code “hash” and secured using advanced means of cryptography. Blockchain represents a high-performance tool for maintaining integrity of information, specifically ... Continuare →

Твардица может стать центром масштабного этнофестиваля на юге Молдовы

Можно жаловаться на жизнь и препоны, а можно делать большие и важные мероприятия. Как например, в Твардице, где в рамках VI Международного фестиваля, который проводился с 10 по 13 ...